Review Request List

This is the list of books I have accepted to read and review in the printable PDF format.

I will only be accepting two a month.  If a slot is available a review may be requested for that month. (Requests can be made through e-mail or on the Contact Me page.)

I retain the right to turn down a book if I am not interested. I do not review books that I don’t finish.

Psychical copies gets preference when they arrive as the postal services to my country is quite slow.

I am open to requests for audio-book reviews at all times.

For more information please see the full Review Policy page.

Printable PDFs

March 2018

Seeds – Steve Soderquist
Darling Girls – Thorne & Cross

April 2018

Champion’s Rising – S.F. Claymore
The Never Dawn – R.E. Palmer

May 2018

A Bargain in Silver – Josie Jaffrey
Stories from the Witch Store – Olga Gutsol

June 2018

The Sea Was a Fair Master – Calvin Demmer
Manna City – Geoffrey Pierce

July 2018

The Rift – R.J. Clark
The Wonderful Whippet of Winifred Weatherwax – Philippa Stasiuk

August 2018

Red Sky: Rising – Ben Archer
The Colourless – Kitty Lewis
The Crimson Heirlooms – Hunter Dennis (I’ve double booked August. Note to self: Don’t answer e-mails when you have a cold.)

September 2018

The Book of Songs – Louice Svedin
 Between The Shade and the Shadow – Coleman Alexander

October 2018

 Unearthed After Sunset – Lauryn April
The Colonel and the Bee – Patrick Canning

November 2018

 Fountain Dead – Theresa Braun
Hearts Are Like Balloons – Candace Robinson

No requests for December will be accepted.

Physical ARCs

Snow City – G.A. Kathryns
The Fifth Era of Man – Joshua Banker