Review Request List

This is the list of books I have accepted to read and review in the printable PDF format.

I will only be accepting two a month.  If a slot is available a review may be requested for that month. (Requests can be made through e-mail or on the Contact Me page.)

I retain the right to turn down a book if I am not interested.

Psychical copies gets preference when they arrive as the postal services to my country is quite slow.

For more information please see the full Review Policy page.

Printable PDFs

March 2018

Seeds – Steve Soderquist
Darling Girls – Thorne & Cross

April 2018

Champion’s Rising – S.F. Claymore
The Never Dawn – R.E. Palmer

May 2018

A Bargain in Silver – Josie Jaffrey
Stories from the Witch Store – Olga Gutsol

June 2018

The Sea Was a Fair Master – Calvin Demmer
Manna City – Geoffrey Pierce

July 2018

The Rift – R.J. Clark
The Wonderful Whippet of Winifred Weatherwax – Philippa Stasiuk

August 2018

Red Sky: Rising – Ben Archer
The Colourless – Kitty Lewis
The Crimson Heirlooms – Hunter Dennis (I’ve double booked August. Note to self: Don’t answer e-mails when you have a cold.)

September 2018

The Book of Songs – Louice Svedin

October 2018

November 2018

No requests for December will be accepted.

Physical ARCs

Snow City – G.A. Kathryns
The Fifth Era of Man – Joshua Banker