Reonie Bothma – South Africa

I am in my late twenties and work as a 3D artist by day. I have been a lover of stories since an early age with bedtime tales and children books on cassette.  I’ve always been an avid reader and want to share my love of books with you.

This is not a literary critic blog. I am by no means a professional reviewer. These are only my thoughts and opinions.


So why make a book review blog with illustrations?

I believe an illustrative book review can help people to find new books that they would not have been interested in if they had only seen the cover.

Many times I have seen an interesting piece of fan art and went searching for the particular book or series.  There are also the following personal reasons.


To improve my drawing skills.

I was constantly drawing when I was at school. Since then life has gotten in the way. I have become rusty and lazy. Drawing needs practice. At first it will probably look terrible, but with time and lots of doodling I hope to reach a level I can be happy with.


To improve my writing.

Writing, or communicating in general, was never one of my strong points. I am hoping to practice and learn to be a better writer. English is my second language, but I am even worst in my native tongue when it comes to spelling.

I have fallen asleep with a lot of grammar books. If you see a spelling or grammar error, please let me know. But be constructive in you criticism, because it will help me learn.



I have the nasty habit of giving up on projects. Many an enthusiastic idea has fallen by the wayside.  I want to stick this one out and all of you are my witnesses.  I have combined all the things I enjoy in the hope that it will keep me interested.

I read fast, but I draw slowly, so be patient with me.


This is Evelyn. She is the magical mascot librarian for this blog. Evie will be my mouthpiece, so to speak. Mainly because it would be really dull to keep drawing myself, but also she and her friends can be more expressive that I can be.

You can check out The Bibliotaph Post you want to know more about the blog name.