The May 2020 Update

This is a state of the blog and a personal update.

The year of the great reading block is definitely not how 2020 will be remembered. But it is something that is happening right now. And if the internet is to be believed, I am not the only one.

For nearly three months now I haven’t read a single novel. I do read the occasional coffeeshop AU on AO3 and I’m making my way through a D&D module, but no other literature. I have fallen behind on many story driven podcasts as well.

Now, here is my reason why it is happening and why it is okay.

Firstly, I have been working at home. I technically have more time in the day. Not sitting in traffic and such helps with catching up with sleep and other projects. Turns out my natural sleeping patterns are not conducive to waking early. I’m a night owl through and though. I now realize how little sleep I got while working at the office.

Some of my working hours go into coding and that doesn’t leave any brainpower for audiobooks. I’ve been very busy with work these past months. I am grateful for this, but again it does not leave time for reading.

Secondly, these have been what can definitely be called uncertain times. As such, looking for stability is only natural. I like book with some level of angst and mystery. At the moment that isn’t something I want to invest in with unfamiliar characters. I need characters I can trust to lead me to a happier ending.

The last book I read belonged to Gail Carriger’s Supernatural universe and I’ll properly carry on with that series. Otherwise I might reread some old favorites. But I haven’t yet.

Thirdly, I don’t enjoy writing reviews anymore. It’s easier to write a negative review about a book you don’t like. It’s harder not to sound like a smitten fool over a really good one. There is a stack of books waiting for me. Each one’s author contacted my and asked for a review. I was younger and naive back then. I said yes to so many.

I have lost the steam and momentum to force myself through books that do not interest me, just to write a review that scrapes the barrel for kind words. I respect the effort and work that goes into finishing a book. They deserve better and I don’t need unnecessary pressure in my life. This blog is a hobby after all.

That’s why I’m going to post the list of ARC books with a description. If anyone is interested in giving these books a more competent review, contact me and I’ll send you the author’s contact details.

The other option is to do guest posts. If you want to have your review of one of these books featured on this blog, then let me know.

I’ve lowered my number of books in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. In the end it is a personal challenge and we have enough of those now just to get safely through the day. I have read a total of 133 books in the last two years. I think it is perfectly reasonable to take a break.

Now, I do not know if the blog will be able to continue at the end of the year. It will depend on how financially viable it is. It would be sad to lose it. It was a lot of work to set up. This blog has also led to some really good things in my life.  I have met wonderful people because of it. I started drawing again and writing has become easier. On the other hand, my book collection has become out of control. I would prefer to keep it going and maybe I will find a different direction for the blog,  but only time can tell.

So, that was a very long and personal update. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. Even though the blog is quiet, I’m still posting regularly on Instagram. So, catch me there if you want to chat.

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