Yearly Wrap-Up: December 2019

Unbelievably this blog is still going after two years. Post frequency has slowed down dramatically, but they still trickle through.

I’m still behind on my TBR list, but 2020 is the year we will fix that. (Winks ominously.)

I have read less this year and I blame podcasts. I’ve discovered quite a few really good ones and they have been stealing my attention.

Podcasts like: Critical Role, The Magnus Archives, High Rollers, No Such thing as a Fish and Astonishing Legends.

2019 Reading Challenges

The challenges I participated in 2019:

I did not finish either of the first two, but they did help me discover some strange and interesting books I would not have read otherwise.

Yep, going to try again this year. But only Popsugar. Turns out the Read Harder Challenge is hard. Mostly because some books just aren’t available in South Africa and needs to be ordered in. It’s difficult to justify ordering a book you know nothing about, except that it fulfills a prompt.

Top 5 books of 2019

2020 Reading Resolutions

  • Getting that TBR done.
  • Goodreads Challenge. I might bring it down to forty next year. A couple of side projects will be needing my attention.
  • Read Elantris… it still hasn’t happen yet.

Well, Happy New Year! And best of luck to everyone. Let’s hope 2020 will be crazy, but in the good way.

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