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Mini Reviews: December 2019

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

You know the feeling you get when a book is definitely going to mess with you?

Well, Evelyn Hardcastle is the most insane book I’ve read in a long time. And it’s brilliant.

Blackheath is a tangled web filled with a pit of venomous snakes.
It is a multiple murder mystery with elements that makes it lean towards Science Fiction.

A combination of Agatha Christie, groundhog day and quantum leap. Plus the character names are memorable enough to be distinct.

The plot leaves its reader guessing at every page. No way of knowing how it ends. Not a book I would likely read a second time, but one that will stick with me.

The Emissary

Unfortunately a book that failed to grab my attention. I’m at a point that if a book isn’t engaging, I don’t have the time to struggle through it.

Emissary suffers from big set pieces and complicated ideas all crammed together. Reincarnation and advanced civilizations. There is a lot of exposition served like an avalanche up front.

Another problem is the similar length funny names. It weirdly makes it hard to keep track of the characters. There is the good, the bad and the love interest. The characters are all quite childish or naive as well. And that made it difficult to like them when I could tell them apart.

And my last issue is with how everyone is described.
“The man’s muscular jaw flexed as his thoughts vacillated between extremes.” – this type of descriptions makes me very tired.

Emissary might have the imagination to back it, but it lacks in storytelling to be a gripping read.

Parasol Protectorate

I went on a little Gail Garriger binge…I am unable to review the books separately. I read them in such rapid succession that it’s one long story in my mind.

This was the series I needed after a reading slump. They are fun, witty, romantic and at times utterly ridiculous. The characters are endearing and Alexia make an excellent lead.

The Custard Protocol

Although I’m less fond of Prudence than Alexia, the crew of the Spotted Custard has wiggle their way into my heart. It’s good old adventures on an airship. Travelling to exotic destinations; meeting strange supernatural beings and more romance.

On a side note – I still find the child labor unsettling. Period piece or not.

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