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Monthly Wrap-up: November 2018

Just a quick update to show that I’m still alive.

So the end of November wasn’t what I would have call “good”. In chronological order: my glasses broke, our family dog of nearly 13 years passed away, my car broke down, a tree fell over in the back yard (not as bad, but still surprising) and I got horribly ill and landed in the emergency ward. So not a lot of reading has happened.  

BTW – We’re also dealing with scheduled power outages, so that is also not helping. 

So what have I been reading?

I finally started reading the Artemis Fowl series in preparation for the movie. I’ve been eyeing these books for years and have never got around to them. They have been quite enjoyable and more importantly short, so no heavy commitment. Plus the new covers are gorgeous. 

I’m still busy with The Colonel and the Bee and I finished listening to Stephen Fry’s  Mythos in audiobook form. I really recommend the audiobook for this one. Mythos is a brilliant and funny retelling of Greek mythology. Most of the stories are familiar, but I’ll learned a lot of new things about characters like the Titans. 

I have to confess that I’ve been bingeing Critical Role for the past three months and some of my time have disappeared into that fantastic, but very addictive form of story telling.

The new Mighty Nein intro animated by 

And on a completely different note, WordPress updated it’s editor. This is my first attempt at using the ‘block’ system. It’s still a bit weird to me, but I like it. Any opinions on the change?  

I have some ideas for posts in December and will hopefully finish some of the books that were sent to me. Fingers crossed you’ll see more going on on this blog next year.

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