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Review: The Book of Songs

The Book of Songs Book Cover The Book of Songs
The Weaver Trilogy #1
Louice Svedin
Fantasy, Lgbt
Wordweaver publishing
April 13th 2018
Review Copy send by the author.


"Anne has led a privileged life: she is a weaver, a magic user, in a world ruled by the extraordinary.
Yet one day it all changes. She is deemed too powerful by the aristocracy and is sent to a monastery for life. To avoid this fate she embarks on a journey, driven by a prophecy she doesn’t want to fulfill. But will she have any choice in the end? " - Goodreads

Perhaps something got lost in translation*, but The Book of Songs made very little sense.

It’s disjointed and melodramatic. It has random magic without rules. Settings that read like a fantasy world, but airplanes, helicopters and modern clothing sneaks into the narrative.

Events occur right after each other with no clear description or warning. At times it seemed more like a summary of events than a novel.

The dialogue tags weren’t helping. We know by the first paragraph that the main character has golden eyes and black hair. It’s a bit redundant to keep calling her the golden-eyed girl or the black-haired girl right throughout the book. It kept throwing me off. I was uncertain if a new character appeared… and characters did come and go without explanation a few times. Just call her by her name, Anne.

At times it reminded me of Nevernight. Only in glimpses. Maybe it’s the bonding with a spirit animal thing.

It does get a little better later in the book. It turns into a story about surviving in the woods while being perused by an enemy. There was a bit of a love story that was at least succinct, although unconventional.**

All of the romances are strange. In one case a human(ish) character is literally romantically in love with a raven/crow.

Then one of the more likable characters gets randomly killed off-screen and without any good reason. This was really trying my patience, but I persisted.

After the random death it went off the rails in a different direction. Weird prophecies that I still don’t understand; big time jumps and it shifted from third to first person and into a completely other story. Still unsure what time period it is set in, but possibly the most interesting story of the bunch. It is about two enemies having to share one mind and body.

So there are a few short stories in this book that have interesting concepts, but strung together into a novel, it falls apart and the writing or translation feels haphazard.

*The original is in Swedish.

**Uncomfortable age gap with her being to young.

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