Unboxing: Third Quarter Wizardry Box & Potions Edition Box

Once again I’m here to show off a book box I contributed to. I’m so proud to be a part of The Wizardry Boxes for this month. This is a two in one.

The Third Quarter Wizardry Box.


The Book of Witchcraft and Wizardry Potions Edition Box.


The package arrived by Owl post. Nice and tightly wrapped.


First layer uncovered revealing all the wonderful stickers the box is adorned with.


It’s even more tightly packed inside.


First up is a gorgeous T-shirt; perfect for any Quidditch captain.


Inside, the Potions Box was also wrapped up.


The Potions Box!


I got a little excited and forgot the take pictures until everything was unwrapped and out of the box.

I’ll put a list of what belongs to which box below.











The Third Quarter Wizardry Box contents:

Licensed Acceptance Letter Pencil Bag

Licensed Hogwarts Button Badge

Dragon Egg – created by @ink_heart_art

Exclusive Wizard and Trolley Frog Collectible Playing Cards  – illustrated by me.

Potions Master Exclusive Art print  – illustrated by me.

Exclusive House Related T-shirt – designed by @cauldrons_candles_curiosities, printed by @mugshots_capetown and made in Lesotho

Petrified Pixie Wings – made by @cauldrons_candles_curiosities


The Book of Witchcraft and Wizardry Potions Edition Box contents:

Truth Telling Tea. – made by @cauldrons_candles_curiosities

Love Potion and Liquid Luck Wax Melt Pack – made by @cauldrons_candles_curiosities

Essence of Dittany Aesthetic Potion Bottle

Licensed Ministry of Magic Button Badge

Amortentia Bath Salts

Potions Master Art Print and dust jacket – illustrated by me.

Potions Master and Liquid Luck exclusive Collectible Playing Cards  – illustrated by me.


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