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ARC Review: Red Sky: Rising

Red Sky: Rising Book Cover Red Sky: Rising
Ben Archer
March 13th 2018
Review Copy send by the author.


" Humanity’s gone. Sure, people are still wandering around in these soulless husks, but all the beauty inside -love and compassion- has long since died. Our divided world has become nothing more than a trophy to mankind’s failure. And all Hayden Flynn wants is to be left alone. However, when the first pureblood vampire in 600 years rises from the ashes, he realizes it could always be worse.
...much worse." - Goodreads

Warning: This review will have spoilers in it, because I really don’t know how to tell you about it in another way.

I’m going to ease in by saying that I liked the two main characters and their interaction with each other. It’s also action packed and the action is done well with some odd light humour. There is a lot of potential.

But Red Sky Rising is a weird book. Besides the over-enthusiastic use of exclamation marks and eccentric use of typeset, the plot and setting is disjointed and frustrating.  There’s a sudden viewpoint change late in the book. It was so abrupt that it took me a while of rereading to figure out what was going on.

So here is my experience reading this book:

The book: It’s about a vampire… lots of vampires. It’s mostly about vampires. 

Me: Solid start. The main character, Hayden, is a bit of a pick though.

The book: Ah, he might NOT be the type of person you introduce to your parents, but he’ll definitely help you carry a couch. Or bail you out of jail.

Me: Fair enough. I’ve known people like that. Continue.

The book: It’s a post-apocalyptic world after a vampire war with a walking dead vibe.

Me: Cool, I’m following you.

The book: Horror and monsters.

Me: Makes sense.  Gory.

The book: Thunderdome!

Me: Okay, so like a Matthew Reilly death-maze kind of thing?

The book: Conspiracies!

Me: Is it though? Where are you going with this? Why are these people so upset?

The book: Quinn as a super bad-ass vampire!

Me: Agreed. I like her. There’s a lot of blood.

The book: Cities in the sky!

Me: Wait, what?

The book: There’s a nice picture of them.

Me: I can see that, but when did this turn into sci-fi?

The book: Pensioners are trying to kill you!!

Me: Where did they…?

The book: Robots!!!

Me: Hold on!

The book: Mutants!!!!

Me: I thought this was about vampires.

And then it turns into some weird Borderlands fever dream. You know what? A dream is a good way to describe it. It’s that loose fitting pieces that is interesting on their own, but makes no sense when strung together and said out load.

The ending being the most frustrating. It’s setting up for a series, but it was so… no, I don’t have another word. Frustrating.


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