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ARC Review: The Rift

The Rift Book Cover The Rift
Detectives and Demons #1
R.J. Clark
Horror, Urban Fantasy
April 20th, 2011
Review Copy send by the author.


"New Orleans has a problem: An interdimensional rift opened up and dropped a section of Hell, demons included, right in the heart of The City That Care Forgot.
Matt Faustus has a problem: One of those demons got lost on the way, and was bound straight to his soul.
Now, he's a flat broke, burnt out, battle tested P.I hired by trailer park trash to find a little girl kidnapped by a wayward demon with motives that may not be as sinister as they seem. His investigation will lead him to the arms of an old love, into conflict with an irritable friend, through the streets of New Orleans, where violent, vile, and evil attitudes will hinder his every move, and to the outlying marsh where bad deals with bad demons were bargained in blood and the soul of an innocent was lost forever." - Goodreads

Two words attracted me to this novel: Detectives and demons.

It did not disappoint. It’s a fast pace and action packed mystery reminiscent of the Dresden files. The main protagonist gets the hell beaten out of him enough too. Now Die Hard comes to mind. It is slightly Noir with its grubby down-on-his-luck private investigator, the hot dame and the mindless brutes, but if I am going to liken the atmosphere to anything it will be Constantine and the Hellblazer comics. It’s grimy, gritty and a bit gruesome.

New Orleans has a suburb with demons as residents and a gateway to hell. We get informed quite well of the unstable race relations and immigrate troubles that, considering how things are going at present, sounds unfortunately quite realistic. There is a whole menagerie of demon categories. From big and stupid, to small a fiendish.

The hot dame in this instance is a succubus. I like her, but no matter how much her independence and intelligence were described, the amount of leering over her body was way above comfort levels. Now, is it all right because she is a succubus evolved to seduce men? Does that make it okay? That’s a can of sexist worms I am going to place on a high shelf out of sight.

Various puzzle pieces were laid out nicely throughout the plot and with a lot of forewarning, the ending lined up exactly with my suspicions. Just with an extra heap load of gore and action.

So if you like ruff underdogs with hearts made of copper (not gold), fighting off the occult, you might like this book.


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