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ARC Review: Manna City

Manna City Book Cover Manna City
Geoffrey Pierce
Dystopian, Thriller, Horror
March 2nd, 2018
Review Copy send by the author.


"Nista is nine months pregnant, starving, and living in a cave. Her husband, Dane, thinks she's gone crazy. And the first time she heard the voice of her unborn child, she thought she'd gone crazy, too. But the child has told her too many things, shown her too many things that have come to pass. She knows…someone is coming to usher them away from their isolated purgatory. Someone is coming to lead them through the unforgiving desert - teeming with lawless killers and savage beasts - to the last bastion of civilization, a mythical land of plenty called Manna City." - Goodreads

Manna city is the story of three people escaping from horrible circumstances, forced to work together and survive a horrendous trip through desert terrain. They need to get to some utopia city that may or may not exist, because an unborn psychic baby told them to.

So… That’s not even a spoiler the whole story starts out like a savage fever dream with the baby and everything. I admit I nearly put the book down after the first chapter. But I’m curious and wanted to know where the hell all this was going.

Now, if you like a dusty dystopian, think Mad Max and Conan the Barbarian, then this is a pretty good representation – I think?

The characters go through a very unpleasant test of human endurance. There is a lot of disturbing and harrowing things happening and it keeps piling up.

But I finished the book and that is saying something. What kept me going was the question of the city’s existence and the characters stubbornness to give up. Their dogged determination made me hope for a happy ending.

The book feels if it is part of a bigger story, like a prequel. It’s building its own mythology for this world, but I think I would have rather read that next chapter first and have this story explained later. But that’s just a personal opinion and doesn’t really help this review.

Summing up: The writing isn’t bad, but it’s defiantly not a masterpiece and it is in no way a feel-good read.


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