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Top 5 Wednesday: Books You’ve Removed From Your TBR

Another Wednesday and I’m not accidentally missing this one. I don’t remove books from my TBR list without reading them. I’ll at least give a book a go or postpone it indefinitely.

So this is a list of books I did not finish. In fact this is a list of books I put done soon after I started reading them and removed from my Goodreads list because I’m not planning of picking them up again.


Champion’s rising – S.F. Claymore

One of the first ARCs send to me as a book blogger. But I think we both misjudged me as a target audience. It would be a fine book for someone much younger and of the male persuasion. I, on the other hand, sighed loudly before starting each page before I crumbled.


Darling Girls – Thorne and Cross 

Another ARC. I’m not opposed to sexy vampires, but sexy, bitchy, Hilton-party-hard type vampires are not my scene.


Hyperion – Dan Simmons

It’s a Sci-Fi classic and Borderlands is based on it, so I thought I’d liked it. But like Borderlands it also became boring really fast.


Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen

The main character tells the story of his past while being miserable in a retirement home. Well, I kind of feel I know how this story ends, – with the main character alone and miserable in a retirement home. Everything else just drips with drama, so he probably dies at the end. I don’t know. I stopped when the forbidden love interest, that was obviously going to cause nothing but trouble, showed up. I might watch the movie one day to see whether I’m wrong or not.


The Night Circus – Erin Morgensten

For someone who loves the circus, I certainly gave up on many circus based novels. Night circus is extremely popular and the premise sounds tailor-made for my tastes.

Unfortunately I did not like it. Perhaps it was too high expectations. Perhaps it was the slogging plot. I got further into the book than most of the others, but nothing grabbed me enough to get me through to the end. And I’ve read some bad books just to see how they end.

There are some more I gave up on, but these stick in the mind. And isn’t it strange that stories you don’t finish always keep worming around in your brain. I can list them of the top of my head, but I’ll completely forget about some of the books that I’ve finished.


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books You’ve Removed From Your TBR

  1. Sorry you didn’t enjoy The Night Circus! It’s my favorite, but I admit finding myself a bit stumped with the slow pacing when I first read it. It took me a while to appreciate it, and a second read to truly call it one of my favorite 🙂


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