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RC Review: Seeds

Seeds Book Cover Seeds
Steve Soderquist
Science Fiction, Horror, Thriller
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
162 pages
The Author


"Back in the early fifties, a government already in paranoia from the Roswell incident had more visitors five years later. Though benevolent and peaceful, what was unknowingly attached to the hull of their ship wasn't.

Now, fifty years later, three college students who accidently stumbled on a formula that enhanced the Seeds found themselves in a race against time with the assistance of the Cleaner Joshua and his Seeker, Angel to undo what had been done.

War had begun, and at stake was the human race." - Goodreads

Review Copy send by the author.
Seeds is a very televisual book. While reading it I kept thinking that it would make an excellent The Outer Limits episode. Or one of the newer too fast-paced Doctor Who’s (Without the Doctor). Other series that also kept popping into my head was The Twilight Zone, X-files and of course The Day of the Triffids. You get the idea.
I liked the two agent characters, Joshua and Angel, who goes around eliminating the alien threat. I found them and their relationship interesting and managed to get a little emotional at the end. Plus the way they communicate and Joshua’s weaponized hand is just very cool.
The way the Mor (the alien menace) works to grow and reproduce is fascinating and lends a lot to good old-fashioned body horror.
There were some good action and horror scenes with a nice level of tension. Some good moral dilemmas were raised, but could have been delved into deeper.
Unfortunately the book suffers from large chunks of repetitive info dumping and severe viewpoint shifts. The omnipotent viewpoint made it harder to engaged with the characters and difficult to care about the visceral horror. It felt that we are rushed past on the surface of the story in order to get a bigger picture. I’m also not fond of how, at one point, increased human violence gets blamed on an external source.
To sum up: Seeds has some interesting ideas and as a concept has room to grow, but might benefit if it was written outright as a screenplay.


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