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Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Urban Fantasy Books

I found it quite hard to figure out what exactly falls under the genre ‘Urban Fantasy’. I haven’t read a large variety in novel form, but I’ve made up for it in graphic novels. Turns out most of the comics I read are Urban or at least Contemporary fantasy.


The Dresden Files – Jim Butcher


Harry Dresden is a wizard living in Chicago. He part-times as a consultant for the Chicago P.D. when their cases get weird. There are fifteen novels and quite a bit of short fiction. The novels have also been turned into comics and a too short lived TV series.



Yeah. I am throwing them altogether, because I cannot choose a favourite.


Fables – DC/Vertigo comics


Characters from fairy tales and folklore live in New York. They have their own community known as Fabletown with Snow White as the deputy mayor and Bigby Wolf (Big bad wolf) as the Sheriff.
The Wolf Among Us is a graphic adventure game. It’s set as a prequel and has an amazing art style.


Death Vigil – Stjepan Sejic


Death Vigil in written and drawn by the incredibly talented Stjepan Sejic. The Death Vigil is a group of people working under the Grim Reaper. They fight evil necromancers.


Hellblazer / Constantine– DC/Vertigo


Constantine is an occult detective with a lot of personal issues. A lot of comic issues too. Hellblazer has three hundred and the newer Constantine series is still ongoing. Plus another short lived TV series. Although the character pops up now and again in the Arrowverse

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