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Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Disliked but Love to Discuss

I had difficulty finding five books that I disliked enough to put on the list. There are half-read books that I put down because I didn’t like them, but it wouldn’t be fair to include them. In the end the post turned into a rant fest. I apologize.
There are spoilers ahead. Beware!


Inferno – Dan Brown

The only Dan Brown that I’ve read so far. It infuriated me. What self-respecting terrorist group would plant obscure literary clues about their master plan? Who’s got time for that? And then there is the tour guide dialog while running away from armed thugs. And jumping to wild conclusions with little evidence. If it was done tongue-in-cheek it might have been fine, but is so serious and preachy. You’re being hit over the head with the allegories all the time. With all that, I can’t work up the strength to be angry about the twist. I don’t know if I will bother to pick up another Dan Brown novel.


Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus – Mary Shelley

I have a fondness for the Frankenstein/Monster characters in any media besides this book. The first thing Victor Frankenstein does after creating his monster is go to bed. There is a new life form in his lab and he just leaves it there. And the amount of times he swoons. Victor is a very pathetic character and the monster is very verbose. It goes on a bit. It’s amazing that these characters became so iconic and beloved.


 The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #5) – Lemony Snicket

Lets torture children endlessly for no reason. When I was younger I thought the first book was funny, but it gets relentless. The series has fascinating world building, but I cannot stomach cruelty to children. I gave up on the series at book eight, but it was unpleasant reading long before.


 The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare – G.K Chesterton

It’s love/hate with this book. It has a twist that builds on itself until I was left thinking; “What the hell?”


The Raven King – Maggie Stiefvater

This was a hard decision to add ‘The Raven King’. I liked the book, but hated the ending. It was a mayor anti-climax. All the build up over the course of four books. Explaining that magical strange things can happen and then nothing. A dose of reality. No Raven King.

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