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Top 5 Wednesday: Forgettable Books

How are we supposed to write about books that we’ve forgotten?
I remember reading about a young girl learning magic and having a thing for her much older mentor. I don’t even know the book’s name anymore.
My memory is quite good when it comes to stories. It’s on everything else that I’m a bit foggy. I went through the list of books I know I’ve read and saw if there were any gaps in my already sieve-like memory.


The Six Sacred Stones – Matthew Reilly

Fortunately I’m busy reading ‘The Four Legendary Kingdoms’. I like Matthew Reilly books. They are that bit of crazy you sometimes need in your life. Although I remember all the Scarecrow books, I can’t recall the first three ‘Jack West Jr’ Novels. I read them seven years ago and I do remember liking them. Little pieces are drifting back while I read the forth, but at least my memory loss isn’t impacting the story.


Warlock – Wilbur Smith

I remember River God and The Quest. Everything in-between is a sandstorm blur.


The Gods of Mars – Edgar Rice Burroughs

The princess gets kidnapped and John Carter has to save her. Which book am I talking about? All of them. Dejah Thoris is a regular Princess Peach. What else happens? I have a vague recollection of spaceships crashing, but that could be in any of the books.


The man who knew too much – G.K Chesterton

Other than the fact that I know I read it, I have no memory of the book. It clearly did not stick in the mind the way ‘The Man who was Thursday’ did.


A Letter of Mary – Laurie R. King

I liked the’ Beekeeper’s Apprentice’ enough to carry on with the series. It started getting very religion heavy and I bailed out at book five.
Wait, what was I writing about?

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