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Origami Bookmarks

BuzzFeed posted a video about the book lover’s skill to use anything as a bookmark. Although I picked up some tricks, I was appalled by the use of food as a bookmark. Cheetos, bacon or anything else you can put in your mouth. Just no.

My go-to bookmark is one a friend brought me from the Convento de Cappuccini. It’s sturdy, laminated and has a skull on it. Everything I need in a bookmark. The rest of my bookmarks are bits and bobs given to me at book sales. Playing cards are also very useful.

In theory you should only need one bookmark and pass it on to the next book when you are finished.  This does not work. There is usually more than one book and it is nice to mark out a favoured pages or scenes.  Not literally. Don’t write in you books. (Waggles finger menacingly.)

Making origami bookmarks.

I recently came across a post about origami bookmarks by Red Ted Art and needed to field test them out for myself.


I used scrapbook paper and coloured board initially. My thinking was that it would be sturdier and they come in some lovely designs. This only made the bookmark bulky and hard to fold. Origami paper will naturally work better, but even normal printer paper works fine.



I found another pattern form fb/manualidadesfran that work brilliantly with the thicker paper.

Alternative method.

There are the endless design variations. I used my gel pens to doodle a bit.  It’s something fun and creative to do with children and they make nice little presents.

Time to decorate!

But do they work well as regular bookmarks?

They are fun, cute and will keep your place, but only if you pick the book up carefully. They can slide out easily. In the end it’s also less trouble to just pop in a scrap of paper.



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