The Bibliotaph


The Bibliotaph?

I have a compulsion for collecting things. I inherited it through my family. My grandma collected buttons. My uncle collects a variety of arty things and my mother has recently started collecting plants. The garden looks wonderful.  They all have it mildly under control.

When I was young I collected anything that piqued my interest. Stickers, marbles, beads, bottle caps, rocks, dolls, artsian shaped soaps and the list goes on. Some of my rock collection has now found a new home in my mother’s garden.

Luckily I had to move house after finishing school. It meant that I had to get rid of a lot of stuff. An extreme clean-out can be a real shock to the system and I realised that I had to get some control over this compulsion or end up on one of those hoarder shows.

I’m doing well and have channeled my collecting need into books. I’ve tried to limit myself to one physical book a month. This does not always work. There are no limitations on audio books. They only take up virtual space.  I will go out and buy the physical book if I really liked the audio version. Therefor my private hoard isn’t huge, but I brood over it like a dragon over its precious gold.

This is a weird system, but how many times do we go out, buy a few books and leave them unread on our shelves.  We tell ourselves that we will get to them eventually. This way I know I love the book and can reread it as I wish. It’s like inviting good friends into your house instead of strangers.

This is why this blog is called ‘The Bibliotaph’, but unlike some hoarder squirreling things away, I will share my thoughts on what I am reading.

I am not a professional reviewer, nor a literary critic. English is my second language and I am terrible at grammar, but I promise to give an honest opinion and respect yours. Let’s have a friendly discussion about the stories we love and help each other find new and interesting books to read.

If you want to talk about compulsive collecting, I’m open to that too, although I only have my own experiences to offer.

You can check out the About page if you want to read more about me and how the blog works.


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